About Vicki

VickiA veteran teacher with thirty-four (34) years of experience, Vicki retired from the classroom with a legacy of admiring colleagues, parents who love her, and students who still call her “my favorite teacher.” Vicki is relational, meets no strangers and has a gift for finding a reason to celebrate every day, regardless of the challenges that may be looming. As an early grades teacher (1st- 3rd), Vicki never lost the wonder of childhood. She exudes joy, communicates hope and lives in such a way that people know she can be trusted with their hearts.

The baby of four children, she is a natural on stage. She is entertaining and fun-loving. Her message regarding the development of healthy relationships is rich. Having reared her children for most of their lives as a single parent, she understands the challenges of that dynamic. She provides applicable strategies for all parents that will support a parent/child relationship the leads to academic, personal and social success in life. Having successfully completed the National Board Teacher Certification process and having served formally and informally as a mentor to numerous teachers, Vicki understands the mounting challenges that today’s educators face. She shares with audiences the compelling power of connecting with students first to form relationships and thereafter to teach. Her message is clear, powerful and life-changing!

Vicki is the mother of two children, Dayna who is a college student and Jordan, a high school student.

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