About Karen

Karen ThomasKaren is a dynamic, engaging speaker with a heart for people. She is especially committed to ensuring that those who feel powerless and voiceless have their concerns heard. She becomes their advocate. In her chosen profession of counseling and human services, Karen has served students of all ages, from elementary through college. As a colleague in the workplace, Karen was highly regarded as an administrator of a large urban district’s student services department. In that role, she successfully led the district of 144,000 students and 18,000 employees through multiple challenging situations. Those included student and staff deaths by suicide and a host of other circumstances, significant downsizing that resulted in a total restructuring of service delivery to students, and implementation of multiple systems to ensure that all students received the emotional support necessary for academic success. Regardless of the size or nature of the challenge, Karen’s answer for responding to student, staff and parental needs begins with a goal of establishing authentic relationships and demonstrating genuine empathy for what the individual is experiencing. People of all ages and from all walks of life are drawn to Karen because of her exceptional ability to hear what is being stated, as well as to recognize what is not being expressed. That skill, coupled with her ability to communicate a clear, practical, yet powerful message gives audiences information that they not only enjoy while listening, but can take with them for a lifetime of application.

Karen’s message on the development of healthy relationships brings to light the power of the parent/child relationship in laying the foundation for a child’s personal, social, and academic success. All adults, not just parents, benefit from this message of healthy relationships as Karen details how a child’s commitment and desire to learn are connected to the relationship the child has with the teacher, whether the teacher is a licensed educator or simply someone who the child sees as a model and thus, chooses to emulate.

Loving to laugh and have fun, Karen will always entertain, engage participants and ensure that time with her audiences is well spent.

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